Donna J. Wade

Donna was born and raised in California on a farm outside of Santa Cruz. She has a BS degree and an MBA in Finance. Through extensive world travel, Donna has performed volunteer work as an editor on a newsletter for the American Women's Club in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Donna is a twice published author of I Want a Baby, He Doesn't. She first told her story in a self-published book. Donna has rewritten I Want a Baby, He Doesn't with Dr. Liberty Kovacs, as a self-help book with example of other couples dealing with challenges on this matter.

Donna is actively involved in agility, disc dog, obedience, freestyle and splash dogs. Her dog, Bob, currently has eight agility titles and is working towards his MACH.

Having interviewed technical experts for 21 different dogs sports, Donna has an array of material on dog sport related topics including agility, disc dog, dock jumping, canine hiking, canine good citizen, earthdog trials, field trials, lure coursing, flyball, herding, musical freestyle, obedience trials, dog sledding, carting, rally, skijoring, schutzhund, therapy dogs, tracking, water rescue and weight pull.

Additionally, she has written various dog sport related articles for DogSport Magazine, an award winning magazine.

Donna lives in Northern California with her husband Ken and their two spoiled dogs.

Selected Work

Self-Help book on how to overcome your differences on whether or not to have children and keep your relationship intact.