I Want a Baby, He Doesn't - How Both Partners Can Make the Right Decision at the Right Time

The decision to have children, and when to have them, is probably one of the most life-altering decisions you will make. For some couples, this decision comes naturally and easily, but for many other couples, the decision whether to have children and when can be an emotional battle, sometimes costing them their relationships.

I Want A Baby, He Doesn’t is for couples who are undergoing difficulty in reaching a mutually compelling decision to have children. This book is filled with helpful advice including various situations of real people dealing with the baby issue in different stages of their lives. Author, Donna J. Wade, a woman who has been through the trials of wanting to have children with a husband who didn’t, and Dr. Liberty Kovacs, a licensed marital therapist, offer unbiased clinical advice to help you and your partner reach the best possible resolution and enrich your relationship along the way.

“The motivation to write this book and to share our struggle with our opposing views on children, came out of frustration from a lack of readily available resources on this subject,” said the author, Donna Wade. “There was no other way to have written this book than to have actually gone through it. I thank my husband and the many generous contributors in this book for sharing their stories so that others may benefit.”

If you and your partner are on opposing sides when it comes to children, I Want a Baby, He Doesn’t is the book you need to help the two of you work through your issues and keep your relationship intact.

Donna J. Wade has successfully faced the challenge addressed in I Want a Baby, He Doesn’t with her husband. She has told her family’s story in a self-published book that she has promoted in the media, including an appearance on Good Day Sacramento and Channel 10.

Liberty Kovacs, Ph.D., M.F.T., is a licensed marital family therapist and holds a Ph.D. in marital/​family therapy from the California Graduate School of Family Psychology. Dr. Kovacs has published articles about marriage in a number of professional journals and mainstream publications, such as Family therapy, The Sacramento Union, and Wedding Belles.

Chapter Content Includes

Part I – Approaching the Subject
Chapter 1: How to Begin Talking about Children
Chapter 2: Practical Consideration about Children
Chapter 3: Setting the Ground Rules
Part II – Dealing with the Conflict
Chapter 4: Overcoming Fears
Chapter 5: When He’s Not Saying “No” but “Not Yet”
Chapter 6: Additional Children
Chapter 7: Second Marriages
Chapter 8: The V Word – Vasectomies
Chapter 9: Agreeing Not to Have Children
Chapter 10: Becoming Pregnant Against His Wishes
Chapter 11: Getting Outside Help
Part III - Outcomes
Chapter 12: The Key to a Satisfying Relationship: Communication
Chapter 13: Deciding to Have Children
Chapter 14: Living Child-Free
Chapter 15: Treating Infertility
Chapter 16: Adoption as an Option
Chapter 17: Breaking Up
Chapter 18: Closure

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Self-Help book on how to overcome your differences on whether or not to have children and keep your relationship intact.
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