I Want a Baby, He Doesn't - How Both Partners Can Make the Right Decision at the Right Time
I Want a Baby, He Doesn't is for couples who are undergoing difficulty in reaching a mutually compelling decision to have children. This book is filled with helpful advice including various situations of real people dealing with the baby issue in different stages of their lives. Author, Donna J. Wade, a woman who has been through the trials of wanting to have children with a husband who didn't, and Dr. Liberty Kovacs, a licensed marital therapist, offer unbiased clinical advice to help you and your partner reach the best possible resolution and enrich your relationship along the way.

Released: July 2005

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I Want a Baby, He Doesn't
Personal story of how the author, Donna J. Wade, and her husband successfully faced and overcame their differences on whether or not to have children.

September 2002 (Out of print)

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Self-Help book on how to overcome your differences on whether or not to have children and keep your relationship intact.